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'Travelling is a therapy'

Travelling has always been our passion. Exploring new places, meeting different new people, knowing about its history, food and culture always fascinated us. So following our  passion, we decided to give all the travel lovers a one-stop-shop platform-” Europe Global Holidays”.


At the same time, our “VISION” is to make this earth a beautiful place to live and stay! Keeping in view present times, it’s our responsibility to make better places for people to live in and better places to explore and travel.


We all should come together and take responsibility to save Nature for our future. Make optimal use of environmental resources that continues a key element in tourism development. Tourism can contribute to the protection of Biodiversity . Tourism development helps in conservation of biodiversity, the social welfare and economic security of the host countries and communities.


We have a customer -oriented team of travel experts. Our Team works in harmony, shares a common vision of success and works with passion to achieve it. We provide our customers the best support system to ensure smooth travel experience.


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Sustainability Is The Key

Global tourism industry contributes up to 8% of global emissions which raises the need for sustainable travel and we at Europe Global Holidays in collaboration with our travel partners promote eco-friendly destinations, retreats and hotels.


Italy- Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romangna offers 10 cycle routes through 9 amazing parks, from the Apennines to the plain, through ancient villages, natural landscapes and historical memories.

Best Sustainable Travel Destinations in Europe

Explore some of the most unique destinations around the world. These are my favourite places for ecotourism, slow travel and immersive travel experiences.



Go bear watching in Wild Taiga



Dive with sharks in the Azores



Bathe in the healing thermal waters of Laško

Sweden – Gothenburg

The majority of Gothenburg‘s public transport runs off renewable energy, and numerous hotels in the city have been awarded environmental diplomas following strict guidelines that must be followed.

Cornwall- UK

Cornwall- UK

Cornwall is a county situated in the South West of England renowned for its quaint fishing villages, breathtaking views and hidden treasures


Go eco-glamping at the foot of the Pyrenees in Ariège

Czech Republic

Go hiking in the Bystřicko Region



Sail on a solar-powered charter yacht in Ibiza

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You guys are doing an amazing job by making life easier for all the travelers out there. I really appreciate that you guys are promoting sustainable travel and eco-tour as I too believe in the same and I wish you guys all the best.
Sunil Singh Bhadauria
I had booked a flight for a business trip from New York to Paris and it was an amazing and hassle-free experience for me. All thanks to Europe Global Holidays for facilitating my travel journey so well and I would highly recommend booking flights through EGH.
Robert Anderson
I had booked a deluxe room in Ritz Paris through Europe Global Holidays and the stay was mesmerizing, to say the least. I would like to thank Europe Global Holidays for listing down all the hotels and making it easier for travelers to choose the best stay possible.
Michelle Rodriguez
I had booked a Berlin tour for vacation with my family and we thoroughly enjoyed the tour, especially the studio of wonders which was a part of the tour. I thank EGH for facilitating such amazing & enjoyable tours and I highly recommend their tour activities section.
Kelvin Owens

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